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Our promise:Covid-19 Will not Slow us down-First Bank

These are unprecedented times.

We therefore promise that now more than ever we will remain steadfast, showing up for all Nigerians; showing up for you.

As I reflect on the last two weeks, I am comforted by the resilience of our people.

I look back at our commitment and contribution to keeping commerce going and enabling businesses.

Let me share a few observations with you.

Did you know that…

We have recorded approximately 2.5 million withdrawals amounting to N35bn across our ATMs over the last week alone.
Our larger corporate customers have conducted over 1,700 transactions worth N6.8bn successfully on our e-bills platform in the past week
Nigerians with FirstBank cards have used them 21 million times to make payments or withdrawals worth
N268bn as they rely on us to settle their banking needs
Our customers have made transfers over 10 million times with a total value of about N615bn across our digital channels all in the last week
We have over 53,000 agents bringing banking services right to your doorsteps who account for more than 5 million transactions with differing values in the last week
We are working tirelessly to ensure that your banking transactions continue seamlessly and will remain so; COVID-19 will neither slow us down nor defeat us. Expertise and resilience are in our DNA.

We are holding up our side; and now more than ever we will uphold our promise to you to be here for you and put You First. Email us (, call your Relationship Manager or your Private Banker for whatever banking service you require as we remain accessible to help you throughout this lock down.

We recognize our role in keeping the engine going, keeping society going and recognize further it is our responsibility to remain at the forefront of this; true to our name and in keeping with the incontrovertible fact that we are fully woven into the fabric of society. Our unparalleled network and total coverage of this nation serve us all well at this time ensuring service across the country via safe alternative channels are available for you 24/7.

Rest assured that we are in this together and together, we will emerge stronger at the end of this period because this too shall pass.

We have all it takes; your support, patronage and trust.

We will always put You First.

Dr. Adesola Adeduntan, FCA, FCIB

CEO, FirstBank

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