Difference between blog and website.

Alot of persons have to overcome being confused when trying to create a website. Are you trying to create one and you feel a little confused? well it’s appropriate. You’re not alone because there are lot of people out there like you and i was one of them.
I hear newbies and armature webmasters asking a simple question i did ask in my own days and that is… what is the difference between a blog and a website? Although this is a simple question, it seems to be difficult to understand.

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To give a direct answer to that question i will say they both are and aren’t the same because in actuality there are no much difference between them. Technically, a blog is a website because they both can actually be used to carry out the same thing. But there are some differences in the structure and content. so let’s begin.


Before we can stare the difference between a blog and a website, let’s know what a blog is.

A blog is typically a type of website whose contents are arranged and displayed in such a way that the new contents appear at the top. That is, the new content appears first. When content are published in blogs, the older one tend to move away so that the newer ones can appear first.

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The content of a blog are in a form of entry called blog posts. And this blog posts are frequently published.

A blog is said to be dynamic as some or most bloggers tend to have new articles published in number.


At a time down in history, blogger was the first platform for blogging and hence it was the option for blogging until WordPress was launched in the year 2003. WordPress brought along a total change in blogging because of its open-source nature. WordPress as a blogging platform now runs over 40% of the world’s internet. Some of the Most popular site in the world like cnn.com are all blogs. Blogs are easy and cheap to start up and operate.

if you think you love blogging and want to start one, you can take a look at how you can start a wordpress blog in 2020.


A website can be said to be a collection of several pages known as web pages and multimedia content like images, audio, video, games and so on. All this content are collected in a single domain. Before a website can be access in the world wide web,  they have to be hosted over a web hosting service by any of the numerous web hosting companies like namecheap, bluehost, godaddy and others. A website at the same time can be accessed locally through a secure local area network (LAN). This means that a website that also be accessed without hosting on the world wide web which most corporate intranet operate.

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There are different purposes website can serve such as business purposes, personal purposes , government and special agency. But they have the same objective which is to provide valid information for visitors.


Differences between a blog and a website
From the above we can deduce some distinct part.

1. A blog is a type of website in other words, a blog is embedded in a website. This in essence means that there can be a website without the blogs but no blog without a website.

2.  A blog is identified by their dynamic features of frequently updated content. This is a product of the flexibility of blogging. while website are mostly static because of the seldom changes and updated content.

3. A blog runs on blogging platforms like wordpress, wixs and so on while website don’t really need blogging platforms.

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