How To Get Google Adsense Approval With a New Blog


Hey guys in this post i’m going to be sharing with you on the easiest and fastest way to get your google adsense approval with a new blog. Congratulations you already got yourself a blog but if you don’t have one yet i will recommend you reading my post on how to create a blog from scratch using wordpress.
Since you already have a blog, it’s a nice idea to always want to make extra cash from your blog. So let’s get right to it.

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Google adsense is one of the biggest and the best ad network for bloggers to make money out of their blog. When it comes to making money from blog google is the best that you will be making money from. Statistics shows that google adsense is 90% better than any other CPA advertising program because it offers publishers and blogger a fair amount of revenue for their webpages and blog. Every new blogger Has a dream of monetizing his blog or website using this very google platform. But the question is do they all get approved? The answer is no because google has implemented a lot of strict method and requirements for you to really achieve before you can be part of this platform and that is the reason why most bloggers have been denied approval. Too bad right. But there’s a good news, it is now easy for any new blog to get adsense approval but it comes with some price. Am pretty sure you know you have to work for it. The work you are going to do is by following the strict but basic rules by google for every standard blog. Besides it is important to have a standard blog.


A standard blog requires  hardworking and content creation for easy an fast google optimization, Your Excellent Niche get your site a fast index from google and fast AdSense Approval.

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