How To Make Money From A Blog

Blogging is the hubby and passion of many bloggers. But it is more than just a hobby. Blogging can really be a source of money. In this post you’ll see how you can turn your passionate blog into a source of making money.  Although a blog isn’t the easiest way of making money online, it is an amazing way to make money as almost anyone can do it. And you can it.


All that is required is that interesting and unique idea you have along with a lot of traffic and people to always visit your blog.

One question people always ask is how do bloggers successfully make money?

This post is a guide that will give you a solid action plan on how to take off in the journey of making cash from the comfort of your home.

Starting a blog

Before you earn from blogging, it is expected that you own a blog because you can’t earn from a source you don’t have.

To own a blog you have to have a knowledge on how to start up a blog. To start up a blog you have two options to choose from which are: starting on a free blogging platform or on a paid platform.

We will briefly go through both as we show their various limitations on benefits.

Blogging on free platform

Free blogging platforms allow you to use the available futures to set up your blog for free. Free platform a very easy to use but free blogging platform have a lot of limitation. They limit your customization and storage. If you are thinking of blogging for casual reasons then these free blogging platform might suit you. Below are the limitations of free platform.


1. As stated above free blogging platforms limit your ability to customize a blog to your desired design. They have limited design you can choose from and at the same time you might not be able to create a personal design or template.

2. Storages is another limiting factor of free platform they have very limited storage space that you can upload multimedia such as video, image and audio. For instance, how would you feel if you have a file to upload but there is no storage space to contain it.

3. Custom URLs

In free platform your choice of a url is cut off  because you can’t use a custom url in free platforms. A customed URL look like this or But in a free platform your URL looks like Or and this makes it difficult for your URL to be remembered.

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4. Monatization

most free blogging platforms do not allow you to place banner advert or even use affiliate links. These form of monetizing a blog are the most available source of revenue to bloggers. Preventing them means preventing blog revenue. From the above it is clear that free blogging platform are easy and free but do not let bloggers enjoy blogging. If you don’t mind coping with these limitations, you can use any of the following free blogging platform.


This is a free blogging platform that has both free and paid hosting services. It is very easy to use in setting up a blog but it has very numerous ads that might piss you off unless you subscribe to a paid hosting plan. Using wordpress for free has limited design an option to add features.

2. Blogger

Blogger by google is a free blogging platform with free hosting service. It is very easy to use in setting up a blog but like all the free platform it limit a lot of your blogging options.

Paid blogging

This is the opposite of free blogging. Like the name implies, you pay for it before you can use them. You pay for your domain name which is a custom URL and the hosting. It has large features you can explore.

If you want a step-by-step guide on starting up a paid blogging you can read our guide here.

How to make money from blogging.

Now that you have built and grown your blog to standard, let’s go into the real deal of how you can start earning from it. But if you are still having issues growing your blog to standard, you can read our post on how to grow a blog and gain traffic.

The best ways a bloger can make money from blogging include:

1. Afiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the term used when you link visitors from your blog to a website you recommend through a link in your blog so they can make a purchase or subscription and in return you earn a commission for linking those visitors. Affiliate marketing works when you add an affiliate link into a text so that your visitors can make payments for a product or service. Click here to learn more about affiliate marketing.

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2. Banner Adverts

Adding banners is a more visual form of advertising. By adding banner adverts to your blog you sell advert spaces to companies and brands who are interested and who are related to your audience. Some brands pay you for a specific period while others pay by either cost per click(CPC) or cost per thousand (CPM). CPC means that you get paid a specified amount for every of your reader who clicks on the advert while in CPM you get paid a specified amount for everyone thousand Impression the advert gets. One of the best banner Adverts is Google Adsense. Most banner ad are placed at the top of a blog page or in various sidebars.

3. Sponsored post

One of the best way to make money blogging is by writing sponsored post. Sponsored post is just like an advert in form of an article or blog post in your blog written for brands who in return pay you for it. Take for instance a clothing company can pay you to write a post on their new wear. This method of making money works best and easy only when you have a big audience in your niche. So work hard to gain great audience.


4. Selling digital product

This is a difficult form of making money from blogging because most people online believe that content provided online are supposed to be free of charge.  In this method of monetizing your blog, you sell ebooks, tutorial videos,  and so on. This happens when you have a skil that you have proven to be very good at.


From the above we can see that the regularly asked questions –  can i really make money from a blog? has a great yes as an answer. But money made from blogging varies from one blog to another. It takes time to start making money from blogging because of the time it takes to gain audience and generate traffic. The more visitors you have,  the more money you can earn because advertisers and affiliates are attracted to a blog with great audience. Try to grow your blog into a decent money making business.

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