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“I Won’t Close Churches Corona Can’t Survive In The Body Of Christ” – Pres. Magufuli

Tanzania President John Magufuli, on Sunday reported that his legislature would not close down places of worship and mosques over coronavirus

As indicated by him, these are the main spots where genuine recuperating can be found. “These Holy places are the place God is. My kindred Tanzanians, let us not fear going to adulate Him,” he said


Magufuli felt free to tell a gathering in Tanzania where he had gone to a chapel gathering that the Covid-19 infection is Satanic and can’t endure while in the “assemblage of Christ”.

“Crown can’t get by in the group of Christ, it will consume. That is actually why I didn’t freeze while taking the Holy fellowship,” he included while the assembly cheered. Coronavirus cases in Tanzania so far remain at 12.

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