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Man asks to leave Lagos to see his family after suspected fulani herdsmen murdered his dad and siblings on their ranch in Ondo

A man has shouted out after his dad and 3 siblings were supposedly slaughtered on their homestead by suspected herders.

Mr Jacob, who lives in Lagos, said the male individuals from his family were killed yesterday, March 31, 2020, in Arimogija town, Ose Local Government Area, Ondo state.

He told LIB: “Herders went to their homestead obliterated their yields and murdered them.”

He said his dad, Late Elder Jacob Oguche and his sibling Jacob Adura Godday kicked the bucket following the assault. His more youthful sibling, Jacob Eneku, who was shot in the chest by the suspected herders, is still in the emergency clinic in basic condition.
He added that he is the only son left and he needs to travel to see the corpse of his father before they are buried but he cannot travel because of the lockdown.

He wrote to LIB: “Please Nigerians come to my aide. Fulani herdmen kill my father today with three of my brothers cold blood in their farm.

“Please help me announce it all over tv, radio & media.

“I beg government of Lagos state permit to go and see my family corps. This case happened today 31.3.2020. Please help me pass this msg to Lagos state governor. I have been to three different police stations, Ikeja, Egbeda, and Alimosho.

“I need to go and see my father & my brothers corps plz help me if you can I need to go out of Lagos.

“I’m the only boy remaining for my family.”

He added: “My little brother still in the hospital he was shot in his chest I need to go out of Lagos. I’m the only man left for them to carry their corps please help pass the msg if this can get to Mr governor. Please.”

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