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Nigeria to expand coronavirus testing capacity to all states, FCT

Nigerian Government has started plans to extend the testing ability to every one of the 36 states and the country’s capital Abuja.

Nigeria Center for Disease Control Medical Officer for COVID_19 Case Management Team, Dr Sandra Mba, unveiled this in a tweet talk with The Guardian on Wednesday.

“Right now @NCDCgov has extended the testing ability to 12 labs in Nigeria. The stage being utilized for testing presently is RT-PCR,” Mba said.

“In any case, NCDC additionally has an arrangement to grow the testing ability to every one of the 36 states and FCT utilizing other approved strategies and working intimately with accomplices,” she included.

She, be that as it may, didn’t make reference to any of the accomplices the NCDC is working with or the timetable for the task.

Nigeria has recorded 373 cases coronavirus since its file case was reported late February. In any case, numerous clinical pundits accept the nation isn’t trying enough individuals.

As per, as of 10pm on Sunday, Nigeria had tried 5,000 individuals, while 37,954 people were tried in Ghana. Then again, South Africa had tried 80,085 individuals.

Lagos State Government on Tuesday, in any case, declared that it has tried more than 118, 000 people.

The World Health Organization a week ago said there was a critical need to build COVID-19 testing in Africa. It exhorted that testing must go past urban areas.

On Sunday, an alliance of clinical gatherings, including the Nigerian Medical Association, the Medical and Dental Consultants Association of Nigeria and the National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives, said it was insufficient for the administrative and state governments to force lockdown on residents without guaranteeing that the individuals who had been tainted with the infection were angled out and tried.

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