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Ogun Unrest: Police Arraign 142 Suspects

The Ogun State Police Command has summoned 142 suspects under the steady gaze of the State Magistrate Court at Isabo in Abeokuta, the state capital.

The suspects were brought to court for supposed homicide, thefts, and upsetting the harmony during the COVID-19 lockdown being authorized in the state.

They were charged at the justice courts one, three, four, seven, and eight separately.

While a portion of the suspects were charged on three tallies of theft, unlawful ownership of guns and connivance, others were summoned for submitting murder and disturbance of open harmony.

At court three, around 70 suspects were summoned independently for submitting theft at Abe-Koko Bank Road in Ifo, and an endeavor to murder a police reviewer, Sina Bankole, and slaughtering of one Kilani Idris.

The examiners, Adeyemi Olukoya and Opeyemi Adekunle, told the court that the speculates submitted a lawful offense to mind furnished theft under area 6(b) and culpable under segment 1(2)(a) of the Robbery and Firearm (Special Provision) Act Cap R. 11 laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004.

They included that the suspects were allegedly threatening blameless residents and drivers by grabbing their effects at gunpoint.

The examiners likewise educated the court that the presumes who purportedly have a place with different faction bunches were resisting the lockdown request by the Federal Government.

They focused on that the speculates perpetrated an offense culpable under Section 203 of the Criminal Code Cap E. 38, laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004 as material in Ogun State.

So also, 51 speculates who were summoned at court four were additionally accused of a similar check charge.

The investigator, Adeyemi Olukoya, said the suspects were captured for theft at Agbado-Crossing and Ifo zones of the state.

At court seven, Olukoya said 26 suspects were additionally summoned for burglarizing individuals in Olohunda at Atan-Ota territory of the state.

In court eight, 28 suspects were charged and said to be captured at Winners transport stop, Ota, and Peter Road in Adiyan for burglary and association in cultism.

The investigators, Opeyemi Adekunle and O. Owotowose, said a portion of the suspects were individuals from the Eiye and Aiye clique gatherings.

They told the court that the suspects have been upsetting the tranquility of the networks in the Ifo region of the state since the lockdown started.

In his decision, Magistrate O. Ogundele requested that the suspects be remanded at the Police Headquarters in Eleweran, Abeokuta.

As indicated by him, the choice is vital since the remedial focuses are not conceding new people pending when legitimate guidance would be rendered by the Department of Public Prosecution and the Ministry of Justice.

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