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Popular ‘Magician’ Tests Positive For Coronavirus After Suffering ‘Severe’ Symptoms (Video)

A well known English entertainer, Dynamo has tried positive for Coronavirus in the wake of encountering “serious side effects”.

The 37-year-old TV star who experiences both Crohn’s malady and joint inflammation has been self-disengaging for more than about fourteen days in the wake of getting a determined hack and a throbbing painfulness everywhere

Dynamo, whose genuine name is Steven Frayne uncovered the news in a Twitter video, telling fans: “Greetings folks, trust you’re all being careful and well. It’s been somewhat of a harsh couple of weeks so needed to give you an update. As you most likely are aware I’ve had some medical problems over most recent couple of years and fundamental conditions make this infection especially risky and genuine.

“I’m fantastically eased to be over the most noticeably terrible of it however needed to tell all of you what’s been going on. If it’s not too much trouble pay attention to this infection and recollect that by remaining at home, you are ensuring such a large number of others.”

“Hello folks. In the course of the most recent couple of weeks I’ve encountered indications, for example, an industrious hack and loads of a throbbing painfulness. I self-detached for a little more than about fourteen days and played it safe.

“I was encouraged to step through a private exam. I value that is not an opportunities for everybody. The choice was made by me and my group for various reasons. Right off the bat, as a result of my current medical problems and the reality I’m on immuno-suppressive treatment, I’m at high hazard.”

He went on: “Also, despite the fact that I haven’t had a fever, my indications have been very extreme. Lastly, so I had the option to educate those I’ve been in contact with so they can take their own important safeguards.

“I’ve had my outcomes back now and lamentably, I have tried positive for COVID-19. This ailment can impact anybody, it doesn’t separate and it can introduce itself from numerous points of view.”

“We’re all truly in danger. Presently contact wood, my side effects have been bit by bit diminishing step by step and I’ve been feeling much improved. Ideally I’m through the most exceedingly awful of it and I’m remaining positive.

“Be that as it may, in case you’re watching this, if you don’t mind remain at home. Avoid others, ensure yourselves, your friends and family, the NHS.

“What’s more, the keyworkers out there – the unimaginable NHS, the specialists and medical caretakers, the watchmen, the individuals keeping nourishment on the racks. What’s more, those striving to prop our networks up.

“I think I talk in the interest of everybody out there when I state thank you such a great amount for the mind boggling work you’re doing. You’re real legends and you’re in our entire existence at this moment – thank you for all that you’re doing.

“Individuals, if it’s not too much trouble remain at home, remain safe and a debt of gratitude is in order for watching this video,” he included.

Watch the video beneath:

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