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Paul Merson has a piece on Sky Sports’ site today where he inquires as to why it is that Willian has “got away from analysis” for running down his agreement at Chelsea.

He says that the Brazilian has been “blessed” that Blues fans aren’t irritated at him for arriving at the finish of his present arrangement, which lapses this mid year.

He refers to the case of Christian Eriksen at Spurs. The Danish midfielder at last got a transition to Inter Milan in January with a half year left on his arrangement. He was solidified out at Tottenham for close to 12 months after it turned out to be clear he wasn’t going to sign another contact, and turned out to be disagreeable with the fans all the while.

In any case, that is simply not a decent examination. The issue the Spurs fans had was that they felt Eriksen’s exertion and inspiration fell away as he attempted to drive a move away. They had no issue with him running down his arrangement – that is only his right.

The club and the player concur a fixed term contract, and when it’s over it’s finished. Nor is obliged to offer or sign another one – that is exactly how it functions.

For Willian’s situation, he needs 3 years and the club are happy to offer two. They would prefer not to move, so no arrangement is agreed upon. No one is reprimanding him for his requests – he’s 31 and needs one last payday. That is an authentic need for somebody in the last long stretches of his vocation.

He was quick to leave the previous summer, and the late spring before that. The club got offers from Barcelona, however turned them down. That is not the Brazilian’s shortcoming. At that point they were hit by an exchange boycott and sold Eden Hazard, making selling him outlandish. That is not his deficiency either.

The club didn’t give him the move he needed, nor the agreement he needed. Yet, he stayed, put his head down, buckled down, and assumed a significant job this season. What is there to be irritated about, from a fan’s point of view?

At that point you have the additional factor that an enormous tranche of the fanbase, particularly on the web, have been asking for the club to dispose of him throughout recent years. They’re not really going to cry foul when he chooses not to concur an expansion.

Merson says that Chelsea have “dropped one” by not getting him to sign an augmentation, yet that is false either. They made an offer, he cannot. He requested 3 years, they concluded he wasn’t justified, despite any potential benefits. That is the manner by which an agreement of any sort works. Their slip-up was getting an exchange boycott that implied they couldn’t sell him the previous summer, not neglecting to twist to his requests.

Willian will leave this mid year and there while there might be a few laments on the two sides, there will be no animosity. Simply some heavenly recollections of a long and trophy-loaded spell at Chelsea

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