Suicide squad: Trailer and cast all you should look out for

Margot Robbie suicide squad

Suicide squad 2016 was a mega hit starring margot robbie idris elba and a host of others.

Guys seriously if you loved the 2016 movie then prepare to be amazed because among lots of movie to be released in 2021, suicide squad is one you should really look up to.
The movie is another cool anticipated american film based on the DC team produced by Dc films, atlas entertainment and the satran company and it is distributed by warner bros pictures.
The movie is set to be released by August 6th 2021. The movie starred Margot Robbie, Idris Elba, John  cena, Joel Kinnaman, Viola Davis and Peter Capaldi. The movie is definitely going to be action-packed. although plot of this movie has not been released, but if you have seen the 2016 version then i think you might have an idea on what to expect.

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Suicide Squad Cast

  • Margot Robbie as doctor harleen quinzel, a crazy criminal and former psychiatrist who tried to fix joker she worked as part of the birds of prey and was also a member of the previous squad.
  • Idris elba as robert Dubois Is a convicted felon armed with more weapons than anyone on the suicide squad and is serving times in prison for attempted murder on superman by shooting him with a bullet made of the kryptonite. In the 2016 squad idris elba character was played by will smith – who knows maybe james Gunn eventually decided to have alba play a new character instead.
  • John cena as christopher smith the peacemaker, a ruthless killer machine who believe that peace must be achieved at any cost.
  • Peter capaldi as clifford devoe the thinker a member of the new suicide squad, he is a highly intelligent super villain with telekinetic and mind control abilities.
  • Joel kinnaman as rick flag the great military leader from the previous suicide squad and also the leader of the new squad.
  • Viola davis as amanda, organiser of the taskforce x program and founder of the first suicide squad, she now heads the second squad.
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Director: James Gunn
Producers: Charles Roven

                     Peter Satran
Written by: James Gunn
Release date: August 6, 2021.

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